Start a Cake Decorating Business

Looking to start a cake decorating business? Once you know how to do a good job of cake decorating, this is an easy business to start.

Description of the business

Cake decorators make cakes for all occasions. From birthday parties to weddings and any other event. Cakes are a part of many peoples celebrations and a nicely decorated one is always appreciated.

Business Start Up Investment Required

The start up costs for this business are very small. There are some basic tools that cake decorators use

Time commitment

Until a reputation is built up, this would typically be a part time business

Barriers to business start up

- none

Required Qualifications

There might be licensing involved in some areas because of the food handling aspect of this business

Other Considerations

You need experience and talent to succeed in this business. Make sure you are good at it and have plenty of experience.

Tips for Success

1. Network with people in the wedding industry. Wedding cake business can be quite lucrative.

2. Advertise at offices. Offices frequently have celebrations and you get the added exposure to the staff in the office who may have personal events coming up.

3. Consider donating cakes to select charity events for publicity purposes.

4. Contact event planners and offer your services.

5. Offer a birthday party package

6. Build a website that tells people about your services, prices, hours, location and your credentials in the industry. Include lots of samples of your work. Put your website on your business cards, sign and all other marketing materials

7. Use social media extensively. Share pictures of your work to foster referrals.

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